Sunday, May 3, 2015

Race to the Finish

Last week's reason for gathering was a sad one - our auntie's mother had passed away in her old age.  On our long drive out to the funeral, Ry said something rather unexpected.  "But in a way, this is a happy occasion, Mom.  She ran the fine fight to the finish, and she was successful.  So it's just a little while longer til she comes back in the paradise."   Oh my boy, you are right.  And I get a lump in my throat even remembering that conversation.

Funerals tend to turn into family gatherings with lots of good things to eat, and time to spend with some of the ones we love.  Now that my own little people are a bit bigger and don't need undivided attention, I'm enjoying my nieces and nephews even more.  They are each so unique, but every one of them has the most amazing eyes.  A chance to cuddle turned into a grand us-sie opportunity!