Friday, May 8, 2015

Into Pots

All the delightful things we bought from Home Depot last week needed to be planted into pots.  I made a last minute plan change for what will be put into the high-up planters that ring the glassed-in patio for this summer.  Instead of the zinnias that I have sprouting, I paid $2.49 each for basket strawberries.  Then $1.25 for dollar store pots so they can be all matchy-matchy.  The concept of big, juicy berries hanging about our heads was too good to pass up!

The zinnias should be easy enough to re-home elsewhere in the garden.  We are slowly getting rid of the aging conifers in the space under the livingroom window, and I think the zinnias will make a colorful border between us and the neighbor's yard.  Plans for that spot involve another apple tree variety and several large, mounding roses.  It would be difficult to imagine TOO many roses, particularly hardy perennial ones that just keep giving, year after year...

The clematis got planted.  I really like the artistry of the exotic looking blossom with the birch bark texture behind.  I forgot to snap a picture of the pot from the other side of the garage.  Its blossoms are a deep winey maroon, with a different center.  In the base of the pots, I planted white alyssum and another nameless basket-stuffer to fill in and cover the bare dirt, since clematis apparently prefer a bit of shade for their toes, although their faces need lots of direct sunlight.  

Last but not least, I assembled our motley selection of large plant pots (thank you to renters who move out in winter and don't take their garden pots with them!) and made a little herb garden in the corner of the patio.  We have parsley, cilantro, stevia, fern-like dill (not the tall stuff, which is for the big garden), mint, basil, oregano and sage.  

Yes, I had planted most of these things from seed but  they were among the fallen from the drought-like conditions behind our couch!  So one of each was purchased already thriving, to get the herbs going already.  From now on, I'll skip the planting, waiting, forgetting-to-water, being disappointed sequence and go straight to the greenhouse in the spring.  Lesson learned.  I think.  A bit of madness seizes the brain between December and March and I seem to go into a bit of a seed buying frenzy when the new catalogues arrive in the mail...

Ry was sick that day, so we dragged the hammock over the herb corner, turned on the little trickling waterfall, and fed him lemonade popsicles in the sunshine.  You can see his little fox family peeking out from the very bottom.  I'm not sure how old that fox family is, since he got them from Gramma D, and I think they were enjoyed at her house for some time previously.  Every year he carefully places them somewhere in the garden to enjoy the summer.  When fall comes, he brings them in for a bath and they spend the winter in his bedroom.  One thing about my biggest boy, he doesn't lose interest in something favorite quickly!

And the garish, floating helium balloon?  That was a get-well present from Little Bro, who got to accompany me to the dollar store to buy plant pots after swimming lessons.  He was also kind enough to choose some Mario & Luigi gummy candies for his big brother, that didn't quite make the trip home unopened.  Ah, the joy of giving.