Thursday, May 7, 2015

Instant Gratification

We tried growing our own lavender from seed this year.  I haven't given up entirely yet, but the first round wasn't successful.  It could have something to do with my forgetfulness about watering bare dirt.  Green things needing water tend to jog my memory better somehow.  When I saw these gorgeous lavender plants in deep purple ceramic pots at Home Depot for $10 each, I used self control to stop at 3 of them!  

They look fabulous lined up in the very sunny south facing window behind the couch in the livingroom.  (That same place where small sprouts went to dry out and die this spring...)  They smell so good and are big enough to get my attention that I think I shall remember to water them.  

I have another sprouting batch of lavender that I'm monitoring more closely this time.  If successful, they will be transplanted to the south garden in front of the house in a month or so.

And my mother's spider plant clippings have thrived with the occasional emptying of a glass of water into the pot.  They are very happy and healthy in front of that same window.

The small selection of seeded sprouts that managed to survive my benign neglect this spring were tomatoes, jalapeno and zinnias.  I think the sunberries will be okay too, if they start growing a little faster before it's time to put them in the garden.  My lesson from this supposedly frugal experiment in seed starting is that next year, I will seed tomatoes indoors in late winter.  Everything else will either be purchased already started, or seeded directly into the raised garden beds.  Simplification measures!