Friday, May 22, 2015

Holiday Monday

Finally, Monday was a day that was warm enough to start planting things outside.  We have three of our raised beds finished and filled with compost and soil, so it was time to go!  

Tomatoes, Jalapenos and Borage
Chives and Parsley Overwintered - Hurray!
Tennessee Valencia Red Peanut

Red Oca

The last three photos (Peanut, Yacon and Oca) were the reason for my desire to go out to Greenland last Sunday.  Yacon is a root supposedly reminiscent of jicama but with slightly fruity and floral undertones (oooh!).  The tag on the Oca said they taste like "potatoes with the sour cream already on".  Irresistible, even if my sensible husband rolled his eyes at me just a little bit.

And then one very sweet Big Brother filled his Little Brother an ice cream cone and brought it out to the garden.  (Disregard the sanitation factor, we will de-worm later if necessary!!)

And to finish off, the plum is in full bloom.  Remains to be seen if it will actually produce plums this year!