Sunday, May 10, 2015

First Sewing Class

As mentioned in an earlier post, Kia got to start her weekly sewing classes last week.  Happily, classes are held in the basement studio of a lady not too far from where we live.  Her family owns Central Sewing Machines, which is where I found out about her classes.  

Here's Kia, arriving at her first class.  She tolerated (barely) me taking photos of the whole thing because she was so excited.  

Her instructor uses the Kids Can Sew program.  I'm impressed by the simplified, logical progression of the sewing skills.  Each level has a pattern packet, with enough projects to last a year of classes.  Her first project is a simple backpack with a drawstring and pocket.  We had some funky, vintage, brown and floral fabric (found several years ago at a Value Village half price sale - $2.50 for 3 yards!) at home waiting for such an occasion, and it will make a fine little backpack or two.

Kia was double-delighted to get started working with a top notch sewing machine and couldn't wait to get started on her practice stitches.  

She went through the safety instructions, the machine tutorial, the practice stitches on paper.  By the end of the class she was pinning and cutting the paper pattern to her fabric with just a little assistance. 

What can I say?  She's a natural!  When we got home and showed Ryan some of the projects that she would be working on, he was easily persuaded to agree to join us next week.  (The gecko shaped pillow put the decision over the top, I believe.)  Sewing Dudes unite!