Saturday, May 9, 2015

Books and Bugs

Last Tuesday we went to check out the new branch opening for the public library.  Despite missing some of its finishing touches, the building is big and bright with lots of space to read and study.  Ry and I have decided we're not big fans of the particular architectural style that was chosen (very harsh, random ceiling lines, and all pale grey walls and cool fluorescent lighting). Since we are only a 15 minute bike ride from this location, though, we will be giving it many more chances to grow on us!

Sunlight-Induced Squinting

The book selection is dazzling in its enormity, and as usual, we took home as many books and movies as we could carry in our green grocery box.  

Unhappily, in the two hours between the time we arrived and left for home, I started feeling very odd and ill.  Shaky, clammy and feverish, dizzy and weak enough that a friend we met there offered to drive us home.  At the same time, Rz just wanted to be held; he cried when I couldn't carry him, and I knew exactly what he felt like!  

Turns out we all have another variation of last week's flu, and we have spent the next few days staggering from napping couch to bed.  Just so tired and achey.  Can't even blame it on the air in the new library, since J woke up with it the next day too.