Friday, April 3, 2015


Our rental house wasn't being offered the sale price we felt it was worth, so we decided to hold on to it and keep renting it out.  We have a new renter moving in today who may want to buy it in a year or two, but that doesn't even matter either way.  It's a good revenue property, as long as we put in a little work to keep it maintained.  

Tuesday was a gorgeous day; +16 degrees and so bright you needed sunglasses.  We had dedicated the day to working on landscaping at the rental.  We rented a big truck and went to work cutting down a couple trees that were interfering with the foundation.  Ry and Kia willingly mowed grass, raked and bagged leaves and carried branches to the truck.

Rz sat on the steps eating trail mix bars and playing on a little video game.  My job was to bring out all the furniture and accessories we had staged the house with and get them in the truck as well.  

At one point, J's chainsaw semi-permanently stalled and he had me run it over to the shop while he installed some extra locks in the house.  As I was driving back with the fixed chainsaw, the scent of gasoline and sawdust filled the van.  The sun was on my face and the sky was so blue.  I had this euphoric feeling of "This is what I've been waiting for - working hard TOGETHER!  Training the kids and working side by side to get a project done."  And of course the sunshine buzz didn't hurt either.

With at least another day of work to go, we woke up Wednesday morning to this:

Thankfully I had hired a babysitter for the morning already, because I had an early morning medical appointment.  Her afternoon service plans didn't work out because of the weather so she happily agreed to stay the rest of the day.  I had no desire to drag the kids out in this, so J and I loaded up the rest of the brush and branches ourselves.  Unloading at the Eco Center was the worst.   By then we were soaked through and shaky-tired and the driving sleet just chilled us to the soul.  We decided not to haul a load of wood chips home from the Eco Center even though we had the truck.  A little something something for another day.