Saturday, April 4, 2015


Just a quick update on Domino...he is no longer with us.  The lab tests came back showing that he had no thyroid problem, which would have been easily remedied with approximately $5 per month of medication.  Having ruled that out, the vet felt that he probably had some sort of slipped disc or even a tumor in his brain or spinal cord.  She also thought that he was probably several years older than we were originally told.

Diagnosis and treatment of any of these conditions would have been thousands of dollars, and not necessarily that effective.  It was becoming apparent that he was in a lot of discomfort if not pain. He even bit the hands of two young kids who tried to pet him, that same week.  I made a very painful decision to let him go to sleep permanently.

The night before the vet was due, we had company.  Rz had let him out of our bedroom and because he's not too friendly with strangers, I went to pick him up to carry him back.  I must have pressed something painful because he let out this highpitched scream that I never would have thought came from a dog, and peed on me.

The vet came early and we sent the kids to play downstairs.  I held Domino close in an old, soft baby blanket and the vet gave him an injection that totally relaxed him and took the pain away.  When I had said goodbye, she gave him the other injection, and he was asleep in seconds.

And so ends the Domino era.  The most loyal, loving, grouchy little dog I've ever known.  When we drive up to the house after being out for a few hours, there's no wagging tail waiting in the hallway by the garage.  No warm, furry body at the foot of the bed in the morning.  We miss him.