Monday, April 6, 2015


The kids have been moaning about the lack of pizza in our diet since some of us becoming gluten and dairy free.  So one afternoon we decided to make it from scratch.  I made a wheat version and a gluten free version with sorghum flour et al.

This was J's pizza - marinated olives, sliced prosciutto, fresh basil and tomatoes with mozzarella.  It looked so picture perfect waiting to go into the oven, that I had to snap a picture!  The boys got their fave - ham and pineapple.  

My girl's pizza was ham and pineapple on the GF crust, with Daiya fake cheese. I'm doing a 3 month trial of not eating animal protein (other than fish, for now) so mine was olives, tomatoes and kale on the GF crust.  We'll have to simplify someplace else...