Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dining Adventure

We had the kids' favorite babysitter booked for Monday evening, so J and I took the opportunity to make it a date night!  J just stumbled on this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant off Calgary Trail recently and was anxious to bring me along to try it again. It was quite the experience!

The menu was a large sheet of paper where you chose the kind of broth you wanted, then checked off every kind of morsel that sounded tasty.  We each had our own little simmering pot of broth in front of us to cook the delicacies in.  (Did I mention I only lasted about a week and a half with the vegetarian thing again?  A story for another time.)

The two Chinese ladies were so excited to teach us about all the new kinds of food we hadn't tried before, and had lots of suggestions, including etiquette!  So many of the things were incredibly healthy, even medicinal.  In my broth were goji berries, red dates, longan, garlic, green onions, and a variety of edible fungus.

J's choice was a spicy, coconut curry broth.

Table for Two

Seafood platter, quail eggs and squid balls nestled in seaweed, and raw lamb to be cooked.

Some sort of Chinese green vegetable close to the Chrysanthemum, to be cooked lightly in the broth.  Very healthy and cleansing, we were told.

Below is a series of photos of J trying Bitter Melon for the very first time.

I didn't love it, but could tolerate it.  J was not a fan.  But our attentive servers assured us he needs to eat lots of it to "keep his kidneys pure".  Go figure.   

Drinks were served in mugs the size of a mason jar.  The iced tea packed with lemon slices and fresh mint was super refreshing.  J had Iced Milk Tea, thick with the scorched taste of condensed milk.

And dessert to finish it off.  Mango pudding, and green  tea pudding.  Quite delicious.  I probably should have asked about the presence of dairy beforehand, because there was no stopping after the first silky bite!

This isn't a place we'll go with the kids, probably. And it wasn't exactly a frugal meal.  For an occasional date night, Chili Hotpot is certainly something memorable!