Saturday, April 11, 2015

Around the House

Hard to believe we've been in this house for 4 1/2 years already!  It's finally starting to come together and really feel like OUR home, not The House of Walter (previous owner).  The latest furniture addition seems to be a perfect fit for our place, and we've taken to calling this "The Healing Room" as a semi-joke.  With all the dark brick around the fireplace removed, it's just so much brighter and calming.

The furniture I bought at Find, to stage our rental house for sale.  Not super cheap considering their second hand nature (about $600 for all) but they just made me feel good! They turned out to be so well built and comfy that even J liked them.  One guy who came to look at the house complimented the couch and said it was probably built about 1950.  Which made me infinitely pleased, having finally found furniture that was built to last.  (Sorry, Ikea.  I don't mean you.)

Therefore, when we took the house off the market, we rented that big truck to transport furniture to our house before we filled the back with branch debris. We still haven't found art we really love, so the walls are mostly bare, but that's okay.  

The room gets used all the time now, it's not just a place to go through to get somewhere else.  We all have a favorite comfy chair, and it's a lovely spot to do family worship together.  One day I looked up from where I was reading on the couch, and saw my boy cuddled up near the fire with his own book. A photogenic moment, don't you think?  My mom got all collage-y with the photo and here is her work of art:

Then there's the make-shift seedling nursery around the bathtub in our room.  It certainly makes watering convenient. Try to pretend you don't notice the carpet covering the sides of the tub!  I promise it was not us that made that unfortunate decision.  Someday when we put down hard flooring upstairs, that tile and carpet combo will be on my personal hit list. 

Closeup of tomato babies.  That translucent green just makes my heart sing!

And a closeup of the window sill.  I've simplified my greedy little milk glass stash down to a few, and decided to root spider plant babies in them.  I love looking up at them silhouetted against a sunset or sunrise.  My sister thinks they look like palm trees!  (I say, we do what we can with what we have...)