Thursday, March 5, 2015


What can I say?  Like mother like daughter.  Yes, I too get overly excited about small green sprouts pushing their way out of the dirt each spring!

Here is the evidence:

Three baby Roseroot seedlings in the container above.  Never heard of Roseroot? I'm cutting and pasting here from the website:  
(Rhodiola; Golden root) Adaptogenic like ginseng. Fascinating new medicinal herb first studied by the Russians decades ago. Roseroot is only the second North American herb after ginseng to be recognized as an ‘adaptogen’, a herb with the ability to restore the body and mind after physical and mental exertion and stress. Its rose-scented roots contain unique compounds that are thought to account for the adaptogenic properties. Research also shows the roots improve learning and memory, and act as a tonic. In folkloric medicine, the leaves were used like aloe to treat cuts and burns, and the Eskimos used a decoction of the flowers for stomach and intestinal discomfort, and for tuberculosis. The colour of the flowers is greenish yellow with reddish and purplish tones competing for attention. Roseroot is one of the hardiest medicinal plants known: it survives Arctic areas without difficulty. Perennial growing to 5-40cm/2-16in high. 

How cool is that?

Twin baby portulaca sprouties in their egg carton nest.  Hopefully their siblings will follow.

The forecast for today is +5 Celsius. I popped my head outside this morning while Ry was walking Domino and the urge to start digging outside was almost overwhelming despite several glistening feet of snow covering our garden.  The scruffy, sprawling juniper landscaping out our big front room window is screaming to be replaced this spring with a large herb spiral, some ground cover and a pair of climbing William Baffin roses to tie in the rose garden in the very front of the yard.  (Anyone have old bricks or broken concrete pavers to give away??)

Yes, just more proof of the gene connection between me, my mother and her mother.  Two significant others being my large fabric scrap collection and love of books.  Patchwork quilts, good books and a garden to muck about in.  What more could anyone ask for?