Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Backyard Kind of Day

Can you tell I'm starting to feel better?  :)  My annual winter blogging slump seems to be over and I'm back in action armed with a new phone with a camera feature!  I can't believe how clear and sharp the photos are.

This afternoon, J took the big kids to Argyll for their last classes for this semester.  My instructions for the afternoon were to stay home and enjoy myself working outside.  The sunshine felt SO good.  Rz and I worked hard pruning the backyard roses, shrubs and some of the newer fruit trees.  (A brother in our hall is going to teach us how to prune the old apple trees in the next few days.)  

We took"'Hen & Chicks" from where we found them huddled under some evergreens in front of the house, and put them in a bare spot in the landscaping alongside the driveway.  We picked up debris that had blown into the yard over the winter, and stirred the enormous mound of compost.  Man, that stuff is stinky when it gets too wet!

Looks pretty bleak right now despite the blue sky.  We have so much work planned to coax this yard and garden up to its full potential.  In the above picture, there are lilac shrubs, apple, cherry, apricot and pear trees but without their greenery, everything blends into the fence!

Above is a full view of the back flower bed.  In a month or so, there should be tulips up.

Rz concerned himself with ice chipping in the shady spots.

And climbing.

Here's a side view of the flowerbed with last year's dry, brittle remains.  Did you know that it helps out the beneficial critters when you leave stuff in the garden over winter?  It gives them shelter and food. By spring, the blown-in leaves, twigs and dry stalks fall to the ground and give your garden another layer of mulch.  Yup, that's my kind of gardening!

The square in the tree is a bird box, and the circle is a straw wreath I rescued from the Reuse Centre for the sweet birds to make nests with.  When we were eating supper later, I looked out the window to see chickadees flocking to it and pulling out strands of straw.  We've had lots of Blue Jays this winter, and hopefully they won't muscle out the smaller birds.  Walter, our house's previous owner, put bird boxes and little houses all around the yard.  I think we counted at least 12 one time!  

Then I needed a rest from all that digging, pruning and rock moving.  

Perfecting the Selfie?
Then Rz and I snuggled up on the big bed-swing in the sunshine under a blanket to read Franklin and drink tea with maple syrup in it. And take silly selfies with the new phone.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the bugs and the birds and the soil and the plants and the wind and the sunshine?  Even when I'm bone tired all the way down to the tips of my toes.