Friday, February 13, 2015

Water Kefir

Another mom from Argyll gave me some water kefir grains.  Kind of like a sourdough starter, you feed it a little sugar and cooled, boiled water every few days and it just keeps going.  

I've enjoyed a couple of batches so far, though I haven't persuaded anyone else at our house to drink it.  It's supposed to be super high in probiotics for your tummy and it is a very pleasant drink.  Today, I'm drinking it with chia seeds floating in it.

I won't post a photo, cuz there is a strong resemblance to drinking little frog eggs, and not everyone can handle that!  Chia, another energy food, is an acquired taste similar to a sort of crunchy bubble tea.

Oh the things we come up with to divert ourselves during the long winter days...