Thursday, February 12, 2015

Social Studies Assignment

Kia and I worked hard on her Social Studies project for this month.  She selected to learn about the geography of Peru.  The little 3D mountains and the Amazon river are constructed from plasticine! Here is her report.


If you wanted to go to Peru from Canada, you would travel East and South all the way to South America.  The equator runs across the most northern tip of Peru, so it is in the Southern hemisphere.
There are three different geographic regions in Peru.  The coastal region is hot and dry.  You can see fishermen trying to catch fish in the ocean and you can see pretty seashells.  If you want to farm, you will need irrigation because it is very dry there.
Peru’s mountains are some of the highest in the world.  It is very high up there and cold and hard to breathe because of the thin air.  People make a living by shearing some of the pack animals to make hats, gloves and coats.  They can use these things but also sell some of them to make money.  Lower down, they build terraces to prevent the soil from slipping when it rains.  Then they can farm.  It is a little warmer lower in the mountains than up high.
In the rainforest, it is very hot and wet.  The land is very wet and full of forests and rivers.  The people build their homes up high so they do not flood.  There are many Indigenous tribes that hunt and fish near the rivers.  They can gather fruits and vegetables and nuts and medicine in the forest.  Some people are cutting down the trees to farm and this hurts the animals and the Indigenous people.

So, there you have it – Peru.  Safe travels!