Sunday, February 22, 2015


I couldn't wait any longer.  We spent an outrageous $5.50 for a smallish bag of organic potting soil and today after the meeting, I started planting.  The dirt was one thing, but I figured we could spare ourselves the cost of expensive seed starting trays.  So I ripped apart cardboard egg cartons from the Reuse Center (the tops will be kindling or compost) and arranged them in cheap plastic Ikea trays that have seen better days.

It was quite a brain exercise, trying to decide which plants could stand to be planted a touch too early, and which were better off seeded directly in the ground, though they will have a later start.  Then my three trays of egg carton segments suddenly seemed very insufficient!  I tried to keep some sort of a record to remember what was planted in each area so that each will get its specific growing needs met.  

The Seabuckthorn seeds are now stratifying in a covered dish of wet dirt in the fridge for the next month.  The Roseroot has its own container near the north facing kitchen window.  Echinacea seeds need darkness to germinate, so they are nestled in a shallow dish of dirt up high in the baking pan cupboard where hopefully they won't be disturbed.  Munstead Lavender and Comfrey are soaking in water overnight to soften them up for planting tomorrow.  

What did get planted?  Portulaca (with a reminder note NOT to overwater).  Wega Parsley, Siam Basil, Joe Pye Weed, Feverfew, Gojiberries, Sweet Pink, Bergamot, Volcano Sage, Garden Sage, Purple Sacred Basil, Mountain Mint, Gold Leaf Balm, Lovage, and Dolly Basil.  Mmm, if all these wonderful things sprout and grow we will have an abundance of tea, culinary and medicinal herbs this summer!  

I'm going to try misting the dirt regularly, but keep the cardboard sections moist by watering the tray and letting them soak up what they need.  By the time planting comes around, they should be about ready to fall apart and compost pretty easily I think.  

Even though buying started plants would be so much easier, planting was what I needed on this sunny but cold Sunday afternoon.