Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pushing Forward

Despite my optimistic start to this winter, the past few months have taken their toll.  The endless ice and dirty gray-ness outside, the stress of caring for one sickie after another (and subsequent missed service and meetings), my predisposition to winter depression and a few disappointments lately have left me in a dreary place.

We had an initial rush of interest in our rental house that's for sale, but the first two offers we received didn't work out.  We have one more open house this weekend, then we have to decide if we stick out this pessimistic market or just keep the house and put the time and energy into renting it out again.  It is a great revenue property but we were hoping to simplify our business interests.  

Since we are getting re-started at being solely self employed at the same time, our hoped for trip to Dominican Republic didn't work out for this time.  Not that it's a need up there with food and shelter or anything, but it would have helped winter along.  You know what they say about first world problems...

February is a hard phase for most homeschoolers I think.  Kids are bored and cranky and teaching feels overwhelming.  I think "send them to school" has crossed the mind of more than one homeschooling parent at this time of year!  While that isn't my sentiment exactly, I do have moments of utter frustration and self doubt about whether I'm cut out for the job!  

Thankfully, there are bright learning moments here and there and my kids' teachers are very flexible about helping figure out what works for each kid individually.  Ry has caught up to almost grade 6 level with math even though it is still a big challenge for him.  His teacher has bumped him up to 7th grade for his reading comprehension assignments but is concentrating on his lower technical writing skills.  Kia's teacher has allowed us to simplify her program a little since the workload was increasing her (and my!) anxiety.  Instead of doing each math lesson for example, we do the chapter test first and I only spend time teaching her concepts she doesn't get.  

The Latest Sickie
So don't worry about me Aunty Anita!  I have a few tricks left up my sleeve.  We've bumped up our vitamin D supplements and I dug the bright sunlight lamp out of the closet for some light therapy every day.  We're eating healthier than ever.  I have a massage booked once a month, which also provides a bit of talk-therapy. And hopefully spring is just a few weeks away!  

Nice Clean Bedroom Helps!