Friday, February 27, 2015

Day at Home

Asleep in the Sunshine, Not Dead!
Thursday morning dawned icy cold but when we rolled up the shutters to begin our day, brilliant sunshine flooded in.  J took the van to meet with clients all day, so today will be a welcome home-day for the rest of us.  No errands, no rushing between appointments and a cold van and swerving icy potholes.

Instead, a bit of reading aloud in our pajamas before breakfast in the sunshine. Getting laundry started, then having waffles with last summer's nectarine jam and maple syrup for breakfast.

Having time to answer a 3 year old's question: "Did Jesus do something bad, and then he died?" (He also wants to know, "Did I die, and I already came back?")  Sipping strawberry-black tea with honey in it curled up on the couch while the big kids get started on their school assignments.  We'll get some work out of the way this morning, then this afternoon we will cuddle and nap and read stories.  The boys will probably play MarioKart on the wii.

The last few days, we've been implementing a one hour All Hands on Deck policy before supper every night where everyone pitches in to tidy up and do a bit of cleaning.  We know what's for supper and just have to take some meat out of the freezer early enough to thaw.  Today is a welcome respite from stress.  Isn't this what home-schooling is SUPPOSED to feel like?