Monday, January 19, 2015

What We've Been Busy With

I mentioned a few posts back that we are putting our rental house on the market.  Imagine our dismay when the basement tenant texted and let us know that he had come home from a few days away and found the house stone cold, and the furnace would not turn on.  

J rushed over to deal with it, as temperatures outside ranged from -35 to -40 degrees Celcius that weekend.  Sure enough, the pipes were all seized up.  The battery in the digital thermostat upstairs had died and effectively shut the furnace off.  Thankfully there had only been a day and a half between when we had been there to check on things and when the renter came home, so things weren't sitting too long in the icy cold.  We still feared the worst, though, knowing the expensive damage that burst water pipes can do.  

Got the place warmed up, thawed the pipes and gingerly turned the water back on.  So much relief when there was only one spot in the house that leaked!  Our neighbor and friend, Handyman Will came over to fix things up.  The pipe in question was already corroded and badly repaired from times even before we had lived there.  It had held up many years since then, til the extra pressure burst through.  We were so happy to get away with only needing a new bathroom sink and a small-ish repair bill.  

Ye Olde Pipe

So then the last few days, J and I, with occasional help from our kids, have been putting the finishing touches and cleaning up the house to get it ready to sell.  The guy from came on Monday to take photos but the following are just a few quick ones from my phone so you can see the progress we've made getting it ready.  

Main Floor Bathroom

Dining Room

Teeny Kitchen


Deck and Back of House

Come back and visit in a few days and I'll have a link up to the comfree listing for your photo-viewing pleasure!