Sunday, January 25, 2015


Portion of Stuff Sent to Reuse Center
Leftovers from Kitchen Cupboard Purge 
It's not just stuff though.  I'm trying to simplify my brain too.  To remember that daily Bible reading takes precedence over daily blog posting or reading.  That "free" junk I invite into our home costs me time and energy.  

Clarifying my priorities to teach and train and love our children, cultivate a clean and peaceful home, help J with our business, and take care of my own health and spiritual goals.  Not necessarily in that order!

Not to try every crafting project on Pinterest.  Not to keep every bit of someday-useful miscellania. Not to start my own essential oils business or write a best-selling e-book.  Not to decorate our home to compete with House Beautiful.  Et cetera.  

We still have an abundance of crafting materials, though now neatly corralled into clear plastic shoeboxes.  I still have fabric for when the whimsy to sew something strikes.  We have reading-years' worth of books for both kids and adults.  Plenty of material things for us, and plenty to share.

Schoolroom Supplies
The noise in my brain is getting quieter.  Things feel different these days, like something extraordinary is happening...