Thursday, January 15, 2015

Early Reading

We've been ever so gradually steering Rz toward learning to read.  Nothing structured or pressured, just pointing to the words as we read to him, showing him the sounds of the letters and trying to get him to rhyme along when we read books like Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop”.  It took him awhile to really take a liking to books, but now he just can’t get enough!  (Especially at bedtime, of course.)  It’s so sweet to find him sitting on the floor, absorbed in a favorite book, “reading” out loud to himself the parts he remembers!

We ordered a book from Amazon to assist his progress.  

It says "20 Easy Lessons" but each lesson has many pages.  For his age, the book recommends not more than one page a day.  For example, Tuesday we did our first session and it introduced him to the sounds of C, S, O, A and T. 

Ry and Kia both learned very differently.  I really pushed Ry to read, flashcards and the whole bit from the time he was a baby.  But he learned rather leisurely and didn't really "get it" until he started printing the letters for himself.  Suddenly it clicked and he could recognize words.  It took much longer for him to enjoy reading and to seek it out for himself.  Kia soaked up everything I taught her big brother, and started reading by herself about age 3 after playing at on the computer in the kitchen while I cooked.  No flashcards or drills or even mama-lessons involved.  

I have a hunch that Rz is ready to begin.  Such a big world opens up when you can decode all those big and little symbols called letters and words!