Friday, January 16, 2015


Monday was a momentous day at our house.  J’s last day of work as an employee at the University was a cause for celebration, at least to me and the kids who are looking forward to having him being home-based once again.  We plan to both work part time on our business (Fusiontek) and also both spend lots of time with our kids and in service. 

We’ve already been making adjustments.  Moving desks and shelves around to fit technology and working styles.  Getting rid of cluttery stuff that increases stress.  Streamlining some of our routines, and increasing the participation level we expect from the kids regarding chores.  They want to school at home, and they really want Daddy around more – so they are going to have to help out. 

Kia has requested to bring her cooking skills up a level, to try and make whole meals on her own.  She’s very teachable on topics of interest, and already quite skilled.  The whole gluten free thing has kind of slowed progress down while I myself get the hang of substitutions, but she’s been alongside watching and learning. 

Besides helping out around the house, Ry is so eager to help out with the business that J has let him set up a desk and a hand-me-down computer of his own beside J’s (he’s only allowed in the office when J’s there), and has been learning bits and pieces of programming and design.  We think that he’ll be a real asset within a few years.  His ability to hyper-focus makes him a hard worker and he is so quick with anything technology-based. 

Then there’s the Littlest.  Also eager to get his little fingers on anything his big brother and sister do, and quite disappointed when he gets left out.  We will make sure this small person gets lots of cuddles, lots of being read to, and time and attention just for him. 

One other big change for us is that we are getting our rental house ready to go on the market this month.  We just have so many things on our plate that something has got to go.  Besides the fact that putting any profit against our current mortgage will bring our own payoff year so much closer.  Anybody want to buy a cute little rental house near the University?