Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another Week Passes

I sure haven't been blogging much lately.  It seems that not much is notable enough to report on, and my juice for coming up with things to post about has dried up a little!  However, life marches on.  So I'll try to recap the last week or so.

Last weekend we had a big painting bee at our house and my brother, his wife and my parents all pitched in to get our main floor painted.  Whew, did they ever do a lot of work!  The best part for the kidlings was having two days of cousin play-time!  In the photo below, they are watching a movie and sipping smoothies companionably.

In random news, Rz looked so cute in his little suit handed down from his older cousins that I had to post him on Instagram on Sunday.  

We are going to be in the market for wonderful wall art in the weeks to come.  I've been browsing my archives of nature photos for something that will look just right above the new woodstove.  What do you think of this one from Summer 2014, all blown up to poster size and put on a canvas?  J thinks we should just buy something ready made and I do admit it would be simpler, albeit less original!

There's this new app called Brushstroke I've been playing with in my quest for art.  Here are some "paintings" adapted from pics of our rather photogenic daughter.

Reporting on the Mother-Daughter journey to gluten free...all is well.  I'm kind of surprised, actually, that it's been this easy.  We stocked up on every kind of GF flour available from Amazon, and three delicious new cookbooks.  Today Kia whipped up a batch of yummy corn muffins from a bag of Bob's Red Mill mix and we all enjoyed them, even certain 10 year old brothers who are adamant about not going gluten free!  

The scent of J's hot, buttered rye toast today gave me a brief and wild longing to partake of the same, but I resisted.  I made Kia the promise to stay the course with her, even when she's not looking.  It's just not worth how bad she feels when eating a standard diet.  She keeps exclaiming about how much better she feels.  Last night she told me that she used to hurt and feel sick all the time, but now she has so much energy for playing and doesn't feel like lying down all the time.  It makes all the effort worthwhile!  I don't notice a huge change for myself...until I HAVE gluten again.  Then I feel awful and draggy and fuzzy headed the next day.  No thanks.  I haven't given up dairy with her yet, (cream in coffee and cheese are two of my weaknesses) but I will probably give it a try pretty soon.  

A couple of ingredients we've recently discovered in this food adventure... Smoked paprika - tastes of bacon to me when sprinkled on roasted green beans drizzled in olive oil.  Nnutritional yeast - a light cheesy flavour and is loaded with vitamin B12.  Try it sprinkled on stovetop popcorn.  Coconut sugar - low glycemic index but lots of good nutrition packed in there.  I've been enjoying it in an a.m. cup of coffee.  

Oh, and two more photos to share.  

We printed out all the Bible character cards from and laminated them.  Then cut them out again, punched a hole in the corner and threaded them onto a hinged key ring.  We are looking forward to a Professor Noggin-style game at our next Family Worship evening!