Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Warmth of Wood

Our decision to "just" remove our old fireplace and put in a woodstove has snowballed in a lot of work!  Most of it enjoyable, but we're looking forward to a time without renovation dust in our future!

Here's the 70s-style brick just after the fireplace was pulled out.  We didn't have a set plan at that time, and it seemed to me like a good idea to whitewash the brick.  That plan was axed mid-way when even I had to admit how bad it looked!  Unfortunately, there is no "undo" key when playing with paint and bricks.  On to more expensive plans.  

Both my brothers and my dad came to help out with finishing the area around the stove.  First, they drywalled over the brick and arches.  My whitewashing experiment is now hidden!  Then they built the ledge under the stove out further so that it would meet safety codes.

Here, the tile on the bottom half of the wall is up, and they are reconfiguring the laminate around the new hearth.

All ready to be painted!  I will post a photo of the finished room once it's all done.

Here's J and I out in the chilly snowflakes this afternoon, chopping and stacking our wood tornado.  We figure one more work session will finish it off but we didn't want to disturb the neighbors on Christmas Day with the sound of the chainsaw.

And our boys, enjoying the first blaze in our new wood stove!