Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The other day I decided to refill a couple of our essential oil blends that had run out.  Rz has been known to dump half an expensive bottle of Young Living oils into the diffuser in our bedroom.  One night the bedroom smelled so strongly of ginger and tarragon that J and his sensitive nose had to sleep elsewhere.

My oily little collection has expanded and outgrown the original spice rack, then the wooden sewing box I was keeping them in under the bed.  Besides, it was just too easy for Rz to help himself to his chosen Oil du Jour and douse the bedroom with it.  He loves to go through the little glass bottles and I hear him mumbling to himself, "Uhhh, dis one for Daddy... Ry need dis one..."  Wonder where he picked that up?

I found the above shelf at Find Store the other day for $5 thinking I would have room to spare, but when I rounded up all the oils from the spots in the house they were being used or kept, there was overflow that spilled over onto the top of the bookcase.  That's okay.  

It may be hard to believe that we've already used most of these oils, but the uses are so varied that I need them all!  Especially if you want to recreate one of the well-known blends that are sold by the more expensive lines.  The next two blends I want to try to recreate are Valor (originally by Young Living) and Jeddy's Blend.

I regularly use a well-thumbed paperback classic on essential oils that explains how they work, which ones are more effective for a particular ailment, and safety precautions. Some of the way we use oils have been mentioned in other posts.  The latest addition is that in our shampoo dispenser, I've added drops of rosemary, tea tree and ylang-ylang to the liquid castile soap base.  I still want to make up some handmade soap with different aromatherapy combinations - when I do, I'll post about it!