Friday, December 19, 2014

Gluten Free Update

It's been a long week.  Kia and I have been eating gluten-free and she has been dairy free.  I was pleasantly surprised and just a touch skeptical when by the end of the first day she exclaimed how much better she was feeling.  But every day she seemed to be a little better.  The dark circles under her eyes disappeared, she seemed lighter and more energetic and vastly happier.  The mood swings and stomach aches ceased.  

I wasn't sure to attribute it all to the lack of gluten or the benefits of giving my middle child more than the usual attention.

Wednesday evening, J worked late and brought home a bucket of Mary Brown's fried chicken and taters as a treat.  I checked the website and it admitted to having gluten in the coating.  We told ourselves that just a little bit wouldn't hurt, and it was sooo good!  But by bedtime, Kia was weeping inconsolably about how awful she felt.  The next day she was miserable again and the circles were back.  

I felt miserable too.  I could hardly get out of bed and drag about my day.  And the rash around my eyes that had almost cleared up was back with a vengeance.  Sigh.  Looks like both of us need to be gluten free whether we like it or not!  

Someone told me about all the yummy gluten free things at the Italian Centre.  We've been there lots before but this time we went with an eye to things we could eat without getting sick.  There must have been 7 or 8 brands of GF pasta to choose from!  We bought one of each to find out which brand we prefer.

We found white cornmeal to bake some muffins with and gelato for a dairy-free treat.  They also have almond or pistachio mini cookies and macaroons that are so yummy, but too expensive to have very often.

Costco has quite a few options.  Kia and I both like the breakfast cereal, and sesame snaps are a treat that has gone over well.  Chocolate chip cookies made with quinoa flour were delightful.  Their GF bread is the cheapest I've seen (about $9 for 2 loaves) but Save on Foods has far more bread choices (even pizza crust) and Kia likes their millet bread way better.  You can also get corn tortillas at Save On, though I must say they were a disappointment since I'd only ever had them fresh off the grill in a Mexican market!

My Van-Unloading Helper
I'm hoping to start making more of our baked goods and treats because these prices are outrageous. Having seen the results of both ways of eating, we'll find some way to make it work!