Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Family Art

Last week, Kia and I did her online art class together.  The project was supposed to be a watercolor portrait inspired by Modigliani.  It was so enjoyable to create art that didn't have to be perfect and realistic that I decided to complete all assignments alongside her!  Thank you, Mrs. Schollardt, from both of us.

Of course, the littlest artist wants to join in and worked hard on his masterpiece too.  Fishes? I wondered.  Nope.   

"Candies...see?" he tells me.  Ah yes, of course.  I see it now!

This past Friday's art class was on Franz Marc and fractured expressionist drawings in oil pastel.  Ry wasn't crazy about joining our art class because of the lecture portion of it.  A little later he found a pencil drawing of baby foxes I had started and abandoned, decided to give the oil pastels a try and colored in the foxes.  So he got some artistic enjoyment out of the class despite himself!

Kia has not yet finished her "fractured expressionist animal drawing in oil pastel". So instead here is her journal drawing of a garden growing on an abandoned railway line above a city.  Her drawing was based on the wonderful children's picture book "The Curious Garden" by Peter Brown. (Highly recommended!) 

And lastly, from the 40 year old taking grade 3 art class... My oil pastel snake, inspired by Franz Marc.  I didn't like sitting through the lecture any more than my kids did, but I had fun drawing and coloring.  I think we have more in common than they realize!