Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Orleans

Last week I did something I didn't think I ever would.  J and I left all three kids to stay with their Gramma and Grandpa, and we took a five day business trip to New Orleans.  Now that we are back home and security isn't an issue (didn't want to e-publish the fact that our house was empty for five days!) I'd love to tell you about it!

J has gone on business trips without the kids before, but it was a first for me.  I was pretty apprehensive about them missing us, us missing them, how Rz would cope since his preferred sleeping arrangement is arms around mommy's neck.  J told me that they would appreciate me more by the time we got back.  Other experienced parents said it's good for parents with kids to take time alone once in awhile.  So I took a deep breath and we went!  

First of all, world's biggest thanks to my mom and dad for giving us this chance!  It takes bravery to take on someone else's three children for almost a week!  

Minimalist Packing

The software we sell was developed and is still based in Finland, so we knew there would be a large Finnish population at our conference.  For some weeks leading up to the event, I translated phrases to Finnish using a translating app.  Then went about my day muttering odd phrases in Finnish to try and memorize them!

The results were less than marvelous.  The first day I tried out saying "My name is..." and "Nice to meet you!" in Finnish (obviously only to those with a Finnish accent) and I was looked at strangely before they continued in English, choosing to ignore my atrocious attempt!  Ah not to take oneself too seriously.  :)

4 a.m. at the Airport, On Our Way
Downtown New Orleans at Night

First Supper at Olde N'awlins Cookery
Our first meal in New Orleans was fabulous, and let us know what we had in store for the rest of the week!  J ordered Fettucine Jambalaya with alligator sausage and I had a fresh seafood platter. Washed down by a small bottle of locally brewed light ale.  All food was pricey in the French Quarter, but since this trip was also celebrating our twentieth anniversary, we happily justified it!

We got a steep discount on accommodations at the JW Marriott since we were registered for the conference, also held there.  

There wasn't a lot of time for sight seeing since the conference gave us a very full schedule.  It would have been nice to get out of the business and tourist district, and go to a congregation meeting and get to know some of our brothers and sisters that live there.  Maybe another time!