Friday, November 21, 2014

Is Thrift Shopping Worth It?

Last Sunday/Monday was another Value Village half price sale.  I was able to go without any kids to do some Concentrated Shopping, and made some very satisfying purchases!

My total was $238 (gasp!) and I spent over two hours, but keep in mind that I bought clothing for all of us!  It was so crowded in the store because of the sale that I wasn't up to waiting for a fitting room, so I was super selective and only picked things I was sure would fit.  Here's my list:
  • 2 pairs of plaid swimming trunks for Ry
  • Angry Birds tee shirt for Ry
  • Dressy. silver winter jacket for Ry
  • 4 soft winter scarves to share for all of us
  • 2 pairs of girls' shoes for Kia to grow into
  • Lace trimmed half slip and camisole
  • 2 pairs of jeans for J
  • 8 assorted tees for J
  • Powdery blue, cashmere pullover for J
  • 2 fleece zippered jackets for J
  • 5 long sleeved dressy shirts for J
  • Cath Kidston scrapbook
  • Knee length brown skirt with pleated ruffle for L
  • Wooly, natural colored sweater vest for L
  • Loden green tunic sweater for L
  • Orange and sand striped cotton sweater for L
  • Paprika down vest for L 
  • 2 pairs of pants (dark green corduroy and chocolate brown denim) for L
  • 2 dresses (one leopard print and one kelly green maxi dress for next summer) for L
  • 5 workout clothing items for L
  • Flannel plaid shirt for L
  • Cream colored stretch turtleneck for L
  • 3 long sleeved dressy shirts for L
  • 1 red Lands End cardigan for L
  • Long, sand colored lambs wool dress coat for L
  • Furry, leopard print mittens for L
  • Chunky turquoise and amber beaded necklace (my favorite item of all)
Many of these were things that I specifically went in looking for (like the winter coats).  The others were things that fit within our current wardrobes and complement things we already have.  I needed some dressier business-type clothes so it was delightful to make so many great finds in my color palette of choice.  Shouldn't need to go clothes shopping for awhile!

*Photo at the top was snapped by Ry in my new winter coat ($12.50) and scarf ($2).  With my knee high boots and the new leather bag I bought at an outlet in New Orleans, I felt very classy indeed!

What do you think?  Was two hours and $238 worth what I brought home for my family's wardrobes?