Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How It Turned Out

Were you wondering how the pickled garlic turned out?  Here's a photo, about a month later.

It's actually as sticky and potent as it looks!  The cloves turned greenish blue but if you click on the link, you'll see that this is a harmless chemical reaction.  I don't really love the taste of these fermented cloves (I had added rosemary and chili flakes to this jar) as it's just so overpowering.  But when I feel the need of an immune boost, I chew and swallow a couple of these babies.  

It's hard to prove scientifically how much immune building power this concoction has, but when all three of our kids were down for days with the throwing up flu, I made sure to take a big dose. I was extremely nauseous, weak and achey for a full day, but the flu didn't take as big a piece of me as it did the kids.  I'd like to think that the fermented garlic helped out!