Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Things

Something delicious to the soul arrived in the mailbox last week.  The first 2015 seed catalogue!  I usually buy seeds locally or from Vesey's or Richters (for herbs) but the first catalogue to arrive gets special attention.  While the kids did science classes on Monday, I got out my inky pen and circled all the varieties I'd like to try.

I'm going to have to do some Pinterest research (aw, rats!) and colluding with my mother about redesigning the big flowerbed in the backyard under the biggest apple tree.  It's wild and beautifully overgrown with all kinds of interesting perennials, but I want to bring a bit of order to the chaos.  I have a feeling it will involve a lot of shoveling!

My friend Corinna forwarded a link to Pretty Frugal Living. Can't wait to have a big stretch of time to sit down and just browse through the gorgeous images and videos this beautiful lady makes.  It could just about substitute for my personal Pinterest feed!  As an example, Click Here for a link to the DIY coconut oil mask shown in the image below.

Coconut Oil Hair

One more great link to share:  Now that's an urban family home and office!  Perhaps a bit too much wood for my taste, but the lighting and the layout...oh my!

I bought myself these tamarind branch pencils the other day for drawing, at Home Sense.  I love the way they feel in my hand and make me feel all nature-girlish!  Of course, they keep getting borrowed by certain smallish people...

We went for a walk at J's Dad's farm before the snow came and out in the long grass behind an ancient shed (oh the reclaimed barn wood craft potential!) we found this vintage kettle.  Won't it be lovely in the garden with pink or red geraniums growing in it?

We found a paper garland at the Reuse Centre and looped it across the mirror in the entrance for a splash of color.  I have all kinds of home decorating and crafting ideas bubbling in my brain, but until more free time materializes, we'll just enjoy our colorful little string of circles.

The above image reminds me of blogger and writer Myquillyn Smith's motto - "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!"  Ditto for the unmade bed, below.

J spent part of Saturday sitting in bed reading board books to a small, appreciative boy who just couldn't get enough daddy time.  And that's a beautiful thing.