Thursday, November 20, 2014

Frosty Days

Winter has arrived, like it or not.  I'm trying to change my attitude and see the beauty in it instead of feeling blah and depressed about it!  

This was the view from the kitchen table the other day.  If it weren't for the glimmer of the red, metal shed, you wouldn't know this wasn't a black and white photo.  

You know how when you look at photos and find lost things?  That's what happened here - Ah, that's where the blue hula hoop went!

But life inside the house is warm and friendly.  This little man has been extra precious lately.  When he hears the coffee grinder, he comes running from wherever he is, because he feels that it is HIS job alone to grind the coffee for Mommy.  Shirt and pants not required.  (We are finally convincing him that briefs are necessary, to the relief of his siblings.)

Rz has taken to buttering me up with compliments.  In the past week he's spontaneously told me that I'm beautiful ("bwoo-i-full"), that I'm a special mommy, and that he loves me soooo much.  He told Ry the other day in the van, "You da best big bwuvvah EVAH!"  He's really getting the hang of this!  Of course, the happy reactions are probably reinforcing this.  Or maybe it's just another step in his constant quest for mini marshmallows...

This photo of Domino was also captured by Rz from floor level.  (Nothing like fore-shortening to make a 10 pound dog look massive, hey?)  Domino is my constant companion in the kitchen.  He wouldn't want to miss a stray bit of something yummy tossed his way.  He has been accidentally stepped on more than once since his favorite place to sit is right behind me! ("The better to smell you with, my dear..." comes to mind.)