Thursday, October 9, 2014

Random Thursday

Ry got this snapshot of me cuddling my littlest boy, cuddling his baby.  It's how I get office work done, most days!

I took the above photo in our backyard last weekend, but my Google drive automatically chose and applied these dramatic filters.  I really like it!

Our boys have been super cuddly lately.  

The beauty of this vintage wooden spool of thread and a gingham sewing patch captured my fancy the other day.

The lesson planner notebook I found at the Reuse Center was plain and faded black.  I applied pieces of an old calendar and covered it in clear mactac.  The washi tape was found at the dollar store.  

Found in Ry's photos from earlier this summer.

Another cool filter application from Google.  

Best way to start a Monday morning; balancing on your head.  Although it's a little hard on the closet door tracks.  

And the most beautiful girl in the world.  My girl.  Isn't she lovely?