Friday, October 3, 2014

More Preschool Fun

This week we started Rz sitting at the table with us while the older kids do their schoolwork.  Most of the time, he`s better at sitting still than they are!

I try to have a different project or two for him to do every day so his attention stays with us.  It`s easier for the big kids to pay attention when little bro isn`t running around elsewhere in the house having fun!  This project was simply threading wooden beads onto pipe cleaners.  I figured it would be good for his fine motor skills too.  

He seemed to enjoy this project immensely, and threaded and re-threaded the beads for well over an hour before tiring of it.  He calls his finished creations ``snakes`` and indeed, they look like snakes! Another day, we could even add googly eyes or color patterns onto the beads with Sharpie markers to make snakes as an art project.