Monday, October 27, 2014

More Hands-On School

We are working hard to try and finish up October's schoolwork.  One of Kia's math assignments was about edges and vertices. When she didn't comprehend at first, we got out the tactile stuff.  I let her play well past the point of the assignment since she was just enjoying herself so much.  Here she is designing her "science laboratory where we are discovering a vaccine for cancer".  With wind power, no less.  

Of course, she had to have an assistant, who had a design agenda of his own.  

While my girl works intently with her hands, the questions start.  "Mommy, what is Stockholm Syndrome?" and "What is a Nazi?" were the two questions that set me Googling for more factual information than I could come up with off the top of my head.  

Ry is hard at work on the couch in a patch of sunshine, answering comprehension questions for his Language Arts assignment.  In between pushing through batches of laundry (the washing machine needed repairs in the middle of our throwing up flu last week...) I'm working at the computer and everyone is finally in "the zone" of learning.