Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bedroom Redo Progress

The fantasy was a white linen duvet cover for our bedroom.  Then on Tuesday I had taken the kids on a rare trip to the mall to get replacement cords for their tablets.  We passed one of my favorite quilt stores and my steps slowed.

We spotted the loveliest cotton quilt on sale, and I made a split second decision.  My reasoning was that I should save white linen duvet covers for a time in my life when children don`t do arts and crafts on our bed.  (Not that they`re allowed to or anything...) And that at $63 for a patchwork quilt, there are better uses of my time than making it myself.  So I decided, paid for it and was on my way within the span of about five minutes.

Once home, I spread out the quilt on the bed to admire.  It was pretty, but just not quite as pleasing as it had been in the store.  The sample quilt hadn`t had any border, and the back was a solid blue. This quilt had a slightly obnoxious, yellowy-green floral border and backing.  So disappointing!

So I packed up the quilt and shams into their carrying bag and put it back in the van.  Even though I KIND OF liked it, I knew that border would always bother me.  On Wednesday evening I had to run out to deposit a couple cheques at the bank and decided to take the time to return the quilt.  

Turns out that the saleslady had given me the wrong bag, and this wasn`t the quilt I had admired at all!  They very graciously exchanged the quilt with apologies.  The first quilt`s colors had reminded me of Mexico.  This quilt is slightly less orangey, with slightly Indian prints.  This morning I made the bed with the new quilt, and was very satisfied.  

Although my hyper boy thought his little butt should be in the photo too!

So here we are!  It`s not the airy, all-white color scheme I first envisioned, but much more practical. And very cozy for winter.  In the summer we can flip it over and enjoy the lovely blue reverse.