Friday, October 17, 2014

Apple Mania

The apple peeler I ordered from Amazon arrived and we started on the boxes of apples Rachel helped us pick.  About 2/3 of the way through the apples, the arm on the peeler snapped off! So much for that little gadget! It's already packaged up and in the mail making it's way back for a refund. The rest of the apples will be served with their skins intact. Healthier anyway, right? 

The dehydrator has been going steady for over a day now, with the homemade energy bars shown above (which include grated apples) and two different apple cuts for both crispy chips and chewy slices. Another batch of ACV got started with some of the cores and peels, but I ran out of fermenting containers so the rest of those lovely scraps got composted instead.  

I measured the rest of the peeled and chopped apple slices and decided to quadruple a pie filling recipe I found on Pinterest. When all 18 cups of sugar were in the pot, I realized we would have to do it in batches, so it took a looong time!  When matching jar and lid combinations ran out, we finished up using freezer bags. The freezer is nearly full to the brim, but we should be able to find space for four flat bags of apple filling.  

I had no idea there were so many apples in those two boxes! Even with all the kitchen action today, there is still a huge bowl on the table for eating out of hand, and a big shopping bag to give to one of the other moms in our homeschool circle who makes applesauce for her kids.  It certainly was the year for apples!

J's dad kindly gifted us with a gadget to attach to a broomstick to reach the topmost apples from our trees. They gleam red and tantalizing way up there, but I think I have run out of energy for processing any more apples!  

Once the last jar was out of the canner and the dishwasher was loaded, I took Rz to bed and left my long suffering husband to mop the very sticky floor! And promised no more canning projects for a long while.