Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Does $5 Buy You?

I had a bit of a rough day - beginning with Rz throwing up over every pillow, quilt and sheet on my bed, whereupon he ate three pedialyte Popsicles and felt much better indeed and our day proceeded as usual.  So I decided on some treasure-hunting therapy after our other errands were finished.  

If you don't really need it, take a photo and leave the cool sign for someone else!
So in answer to the question about $5, I guess it just depends on where you shop!  My favorite place to shop of course, is the Reuse Center.  I hate to brag, but wouldn't you like to know how much $5 bought us?  Here goes:

Three extra wide magazine holders that are now loaded with the kids textbooks for the coming schoolyear.  

An unopened package of 150 straws.

10 new pencils (plus a few fistfuls of mismatched but colorful pens and pencils and highlighters, not pictured).

A vintage crayon tin.

Two unused decorative planters, now stored in our school cupboard  and filled with buttons and other decorative doo-dads for crafting.

Rz's pick was an octagonal metal candy box, which we filled with wooden beads that I will use in our preschool and math lessons.

Twenty or thirty new cards of red and black buttons in pristine condition.  (Just speak up if you need a row of buttons - I'm happy to share!)

A crossword puzzle book for brain exercise.

A surprising find in the discarded jewelry bin - a heavy metal belt that I loved and actually goes with the colors I like to wear!

A box of Crazy Forts, with all pieces intact.  I checked and their discounted price is $43!

A modest addition to my milk glass collection, all salvaged from the Reuse Center over time.  For some reason, these simple little white pieces always give me a happy boost!

More craft scissors with decorative cutting edges.

Candyland and Guess Who games in like new condition.

Five graph paper notebooks.  I adore graph paper!  It makes me feel excited about designing and creating and writing for some reason.

A full set of scented markers.

Another huge lot of washable markers.

This cute wooden box and its contents - a full set of glass paints.  Now up high on a hopefully unreachable shelf!

More than a shoebox full of every color craft paint.  

These cute little-girly punch stamps.  Bows, hearts, stars and dancers.

A business card holder to be used at our next trade show.

Two cute board books for Rz.  Don't you love Sandra Boynton?

We also brought home a full moving box of crumply but flattened brown paper bags and about a dozen wire hangers to make some cool crafts.  Not to mention a filing box now about 3/4 full of lovely craftables for my Mom and sis.  (But I can't share photos of those things, it would ruin the surprises!)

In defense of my simpler self, all of these items will be used, mostly in our crafting and schooling endeavors.  If I end up with too much of anything, back to the Reuse Center it goes.

Anybody want to go shopping together?