Thursday, September 4, 2014


The other night J wanted to treat the kids to a fast food hamburger since time was short, but I'd decided to go to bed early and take Rz with me.  It seems like both he and I are a little sinus-y and maybe fighting a virus.  So when the big kids and J left, I heated up a jar of canned soup I made from scratch a few weeks ago and that was our hearty and delicious supper - ready in about 7 minutes flat including going down to the cold room.

Aunty Mar had given me the idea, you likely remember from THIS post.  I tried her suggestion, except I actually canned the soup in a hot water bath process, since we don't have a lot of extra fridge space.  This way I can keep it on the shelves downstairs in our cold room.  One enormous batch made 6 or 7 jars of soup.  

I think this little process bears repeating in more varieties!