Saturday, September 13, 2014


Thursday afternoon J picked up our 400 pounds or so of frozen beef, fresh from the back of the farmlady's truck!  When it was all packed neatly in the new deep freeze, I was able to arrange everything from the small freezer around the edges.  The old freezer is unplugged to defrost and clean, and hopefully next week sometime we will find a buyer on Kijiji.  

It was considerable satisfaction that I took stock of our food situation for the coming year.  Steak, roast, hamburger, oxtail, soup bones and several whole chickens for meat.  Frozen peaches, cherries, zucchini and rhubarb.  Coffee beans I bought in bulk, enough for the next few months at least.  We have apple jelly, apple butter and apple cider vinegar to spare in the cold room.  Rubbermaid bins full of sugar and oatmeal and baking flour, and a year's worth of local raw honey.

What's left?  We still have to dig up our potatoes, carrots and beets from the garden.  The dark green leafy kale needs to be harvested and blanched before tucking into the freezer.  We have two cases of ripe nectarines I intend to make into fruit spread, and I'd better get on that right away.  (This warrants a little visit to the Reuse Center for empty yogurt containers, don't you think?) 

The green tomatoes I rescued from the snow a few days ago are ripening in stages in the house but we'll probably just eat them fresh as there isn't enough to be worth a canning or freezing episode.  

So please, come on over for supper!