Monday, September 1, 2014

Peachy Goodness

When peaches went on sale for 98 cents a pound, we picked up 40 pounds of them to preserve for this coming winter.  I was mentally preparing for a long day of jam making or putting up jars of peaches canned in light syrup.  And then my sensible husband brought me to my senses, reminding me to keep things simple - and that we need less sugar in our life, not more!  

Just last week, we bought a big, full sized deep freeze off Kijiji in anticipation of our annual beef purchase which should arrive some time this week.  Our two freezers now coexist side by side along one wall of our garage.  I suspect we may end up selling the smaller one, but first I want to see how much space our half-cow is going to take up.

So last night after the meeting while J made bacon and waffles and whipped cream for supper, I washed and sliced up the box of peaches that was ready.  Ry made me a little Fruit Fresh solution added to each bag, and we zipped them shut just in time to have our supper.  Now that was easy! The next box should be ready in a day or two, I'm watching carefully.

And of course, I saved back a few of the juicy, ripe peaches to put on top of the waffles.  Mmmm.