Monday, September 8, 2014

New Routines

Now that the school year is underway, we've adopted a new strategy to prevent homeschool-mommy-burnout.  When J arrives home from work, it's my job to take Domino on a long walk, just the two of us.  

Tonight, I really didn't feel like going.  It was a long and eventful day, and I'm tired.  At first I tried to weasel out of it, since I'd already done exercises at the chiropractor today.  Then considering how easy it is to derail new habits, I gathered my remaining energy and took off for the dog park.  

Of course, once we were there, there was no place I'd rather have been!  Cool fall air, the leaves just starting to turn, happy off-leash dogs, and some time to process my thoughts without interruption.  The wonderful thing about having a dog as a walking partner is that if you want to talk, he's all ears.  If you want to say nothing, he's just as happy to be by your side.  

The cranberries are ripening fast - a sure sign of summer's end

I'm missing one of my friends right now, who is temporarily (maybe!) going to be living in Mexico.  Part of me is restless to be seeing new and exciting things too, and the other part of me delights in savoring each season and the little pleasures that make up the here and now. 

 Walking alone under a sky like this is a good place to ponder those sorts of things, don't you agree?