Thursday, September 25, 2014

Home Progress

It's starting to come together.  I enjoy our home already, but I want to need to clean and fuss over it even less. Simplifying and minimizing things will make that a reality, but in the meantime it's a whole lot of work!  Would you like to follow our slow process?

We installed wall mounted soap dispensers in the kitchen and in all the bathrooms.  Dual chamber soap pumps in the showers keep shampoo and conditioner handy. As you can see, the dregs of several different bottles of conditioner are all emptied into the chamber!

You've probably seen these gadgets before, and sometimes they look a little tacky.  But we are tired of sticky soap bottles puddling on every countertop and bathtub ledge.  Hopefully this will make it easier to clean around.

I can also make handsoap and shampoo from scratch (when I choose to!) and just pour from the big jug into each dispenser. You can also buy shampoo in bulk from Earth's General Store - you bring your own container and fill it up there.  Less waste.

I'm also in the process of taking down the dated curtains and valances from all our windows.  They were SO dusty and depressing!  There's only one view where privacy is really an issue, which is the big windows over the tub in our bedroom.  Thankfully the previous owners installed exterior shutters on almost every window in this house, so we can lower them when we need privacy.

We still need to remove the hardware from the walls on all these newly de-curtained windows, but that job will have to wait til my sore back settles down.  Below is the other window view in our bedroom. 

What a difference in brightness losing the curtains has made in our house!  Every time the kids see another window unwrapped, they get all excited about how much more we can see outside and how fresh and bright it looks.  It's like we have brand new nature art on all the walls - the views from the windows!

I have big plans for the bedroom.  A fresh coat of white paint, some modern ceiling lights, and rearranging some redundant mirrors isn't that expensive, but it all takes time.  Which is pretty tight at this point.

I'm also on the lookout for a white linen duvet cover.  I love this soft cotton ticking cover from Ikea, but it was used to cuddle by the fire outside one evening and has several little spark holes that will grow in time.  

Someday we will put in hard flooring but that's not a short term plan.  For now we'll just keep vacuuming this old carpet. 

Ry helped me clear out another layer of clutter in the boys' room too.  The old press-board bookshelf that was left behind when we moved in had reached the end of its life.  I'm happy to say that we were able to declutter and redistribute the last few items on its shelves, and send the broken pieces to the curb for garbage pickup. 

The plan for this room is to remove the wallpaper border and paint everything greyish blue.  I found some beautiful wildlife calendar prints to frame and have ordered new flannel sheets off Amazon. I believe some lovely handmade denim rag quilts are in the works.  Thanks in advance Gramma!

There are no toys in the room other than a few beloved animal stuffies, which Ry keeps very organized. There's a little bookshelf on the right side of the computer desk and that's enough storage for the remaining treasures and a few notebooks.  Each boy has a dresser and an open laundry basket under their bed for dirty clothes.  (Might have to write about our  new laundry system one of these days.  It's working better.)

What do you think?  Any other suggestions at minimizing clutter and cleaning time?