Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

You've got to check out this post at Mother Nature Network.  I wished I'd written it!  Well, I wrote a lite version here.  And it reminded me of these things I learned growing up on the farm.  Yup, just riding the coattails here! :)

"Miss Minimalist" has written my favorite-est ever e-book on minimalism, available at or for under a dollar. (Worth far more!)  She also has a blog at Miss Minimalist and every Monday she publishes a guest post by a reader, like Linda Magalie's recent post on being a semi-minimalist.

What about Selena over at Look We're Learning?  She guest-wrote a homeschool-mom-confession post on The Mommy Mess.  She homeschools her kids with ADHD and sensory issues - I can relate in so many ways! Their family is learning sign language and she has all kinds of cool resources and printables.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for this week!  I leave you with an accidental gift I received from walking in nature one day this past week...