Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

The Gardeners Cottage has some beautiful yard and cottage exterior photos this week.  Check out that pepper cherry tree in her backyard.

Could you use some minimalist inspiration?  I follow Joshua Becker's blog at Becoming Minimalist fairly closely, especially when he gives practical tips like in this post on speeding up the decluttering process.

Tsh at The Art of Simple recently published an exceptional guest post on living an exceptional life, even if it doesn't feel like one - by Kat Lee.  By the by, Tsh and her family are preparing for a year of travelling round the world and blog about it at The Art of Simple Travel.  For those of my friends on the road or preparing to do so, you might appreciate her packing lists.

Beth writes at Revolution From Home and always has something to ponder.  She and her family have recently returned to the US after a long stint as expats in Mexico.  I follow her journey with fascination.

Then close to home, there's the Gramma D blog, written by someone pretty special.  Lots of posts on crafty projects and home cooking.  

And because I hate to make a post without at least one photo, here's the amazing view I had the other evening while walking Domino dog down in the ravine.

And that wraps up another week!  Thanks for reading!