Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites - Funschooling Resources

Today I thought I`d share some really neat math and art resources that I learned about through Kia`s grade three school curriculum recently.

This site by Nelson textbooks links to Grade 3 Math Games that teach the concepts of the grade three math curriculum. Oh to have the time to explore each one of them!  The school provides the paid subscription to a great app by Dreambox that both Kia and Ry love, and that might be all we have time for.

Moving on to art resources, Mocomi of India contains a series of animations showing students how to draw several things like airplanes, dogs and dragons.

That Artist Woman has some great art lessons on her blog that are pretty easy to follow.

Check out Drawing With Children - One Family's Website based on this fabulous book (we even own it!) by Mona Brooks - Drawing With Children - The Book.

Once you get past a rather boring intro page, Jan Brett Videos are like mini fieldtrips!  Jan Brett has written a raft of children`s books.  I found this booklist of her work, including ``The Mitten``, of which you may have heard.

Deep Space Sparkle has a homepage that will make your heart sing and your fingers itch to dive right in!  I couldn`t enter my email fast enough to get on her newsletter mailing list!

I printed off Kia`s checklist for the art projects she is expected to submit by the end of the year.

Art Projects
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Print Making
  • Sculpture
  • Fabric Arts
  • Photography and Technographic Arts
  • 2 Student`s Choice Projects
Looking like a very full and interesting year.  If I can get organized enough to pull it off!