Thursday, September 11, 2014

Expressing Himself

All Painted Up Like a Puppy, at Argyll`s Orientation Day
Just the last few days, little Rz has been expressing himself more and more clearly.  It`s not so much pronunciation or words that are new, but identifying his own specific feelings that I was not even aware of.  

For example, this morning when I tried to direct him into the kids`bathroom to pee, he balked.  `Not that bafwoom, Mom!  That one`s the sca-wy one!``  Which was news to me.  I have no idea what is scary about a bathroom with a white and yellow gingham shower curtain, a white valance over the window and no other embellishment.  But off he went to use the toilet in our master bathroom instead.

Later he was comfortably ensconced on a beanbag in my office while I paid bills, watching Caleb on my ipad.  After a few minutes, next in the queue was a non-Caleb segment. Quickly he pushed forward to move out of the episode.  `That one makes me feel sick!` he exclaimed.  Whaaat!

The little monkey is a little TOO technologically savvy.  I removed Ry and Kia`s Minecraft game from my ipad so that when I let Rz use my ipad, he doesn`t get caught up in playing it.  I just don`t think it`s developmentally what he needs right now.

The other day, I realized that he`s absorbed playing...Minecraft.  I started scolding Ry about putting the game back on my ipad for Rz.  `Oh no Mom.  He got it off the cloud.` (The apps for our whole family are stored on the same account online, but not necessarily accessed by every ipad.)

Sure enough, the app store was open and Minecraft was selected.  Yes, my app store is passworded so no one can buy new apps without my permission, but you don`t need the password to upload apps that have already been bought.

Yes, I am going to have to keep a few steps ahead of these kids. Heaven help me, and I don`t say that lightly.