Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Early Snows

Well, call me a Crybaby but waking up Monday morning, September 8 to snow swirling down was enough to bring a strong person to tears!

J was already gone to work so deciding what to do with our vine-ripening tomatoes fell to me.  As in, I messaged my mom to ask if going out to pick the green tomatoes was even worth my time.  With disclaimers about frost bitten spots rotting easily, she thought it would be worth it.  

I asked Ry to go out and pick off the tomatoes into a big box, but he came in a minute later freezing cold and muddy and disheartened.  So while our porridge simmered, I pulled on a scarf and coat and tramped through the mud to salvage what I could.  It is COLD out there!  But I think we may have got to them before the frost did.  

I will be collecting green tomato preserving ideas from Pinterest!