Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Everyone was cranky this afternoon so we packed up Domino and the jogging stroller in the van and headed just a few blocks north to a spot we've never been before.  I'd seen this nature preserve within an industrial area on Google Earth, and driven past the entrance but never explored it before.

So the little plants Ry has tucked into his waistband here are Foxtails, in case you can't tell from the picture. This would be a sample of his unique sense of humor...

I had to stop him from turning Domino into a "fox" by attaching Foxtails to his tail.

Our chica, checking her little compass.  She's not feeling well today; I think she's fighting off a UTI again. Gave her a bath and massage this morning with essential oils and she felt a little better, but there's darkness under her eyes and she doesn't have her usual bounce.

Educational too!  There were all kinds of little infographics giving us information about wetlands, the water cycle, conservation methods and more. 

Fox mode.  With bouquet in hand.

Ry made his mother a beautiful, grassy bouquet!

All kinds of weedy, wild flowers were in their glory.  Goldenrod...

some sort of daisy variety, I assume...  
(Update:  I researched the above plant, which is actually Scentless Chamomile and classified as a noxious weed in our region!)

tansy, Canadian thistles, asters, clover, dandelions and so much more.  We saw all kinds of butterflies, fat flying grasshoppers, big dragonflies, little red ones, damselflies and ducks.  But only two other people!

The backside of a big office building, glimpsed through a chainlink fence.  Must be their employee lunch area.  So pretty!

When her energy ran out, Kia joined Rz in the jogging stroller for a ride back to the van.  Rz is being a little goof here!

A hidden gem, surrounded by industry.  We're definitely going back another day.