Tuesday, August 19, 2014

That Kind of Day

You see that?  That is what remains of my delicious homemade Rhubarb Pineapple Wine. Another painful lesson learned.  Allow more gas to escape the airlock even during the second fermentation.  At least, I presume that's what happened.  Probably a good thing no one was in the room!

We came home from a pretty stressful day to an incredibly strong smell of fermentation.  When I went down to the wine cave to do my daily routine check of my bottles of bubbly, I found the remains of this glass carboy in shards and pieces, and 5 gallons of wine soaked into the carpet.  I just about cried.  Thankfully, we have a carpet steamer which picks up liquid pretty good and I spent a good hour vacuuming  the fragrant liquid.  

By the end of this evening, I had painful shoulder knots as I was recounting the day's events to J.  Anticipating Rz's speech assessment was a hidden stress, wondering if we were going to have to add yet another therapy appointment to our weekly schedule.  Thankfully, all went well, and it was a relief to be given a thumbs up to his speech development.  

You know how it's the little things that add up and circle above your head like angry hornets?  Last night I found another cavity on one of Rz's front teeth, so I promptly made a dentist appointment for Monday.  At the chiropractor this afternoon, I had my feet scanned because of a pain I've been having in my left foot.  She tells me I'm going to need orthotics because my left arch is starting to fall.  (Kind of makes me feel like a piece of aging machinery...)  

And so on and so on.  I won't bore you with all the other details just for the sake of me venting.  Life is good.  But I could really use a shoulder massage!